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I am a Curious Researcher, Design Strategist, Educator, Group Facilitator, and Documentary Filmmaker with a background in Management, Arts, Photography, Media and Communications. I have strong leadership and design skills with professional experience in the non-profit and private sectors. I am a meticulous observer and I am constantly on the lookout for alternative and sustainable business models.

My career path has allowed me to be an excellent team player particularly in interdisciplinary settings with multiple stakeholders and has also allowed me to acquire considerable managerial and client-facing skills. I believe in a flexible form of practice that is responsive to the particular atmosphere of a project or situation. One of the things I enjoy the most is breaking down complex ideas into manageable exercises and intelligible diagrams.

I am a systems thinker and I use my intuition to make connections between seemingly disparate issues or topics; a kind of practice that is key to finding and analyzing insights. As an educator, I always challenge my students to think beyond conventions and look for answers in unexpected places.       

I am a people person and I tremendously enjoy group facilitation through creative methods and workshops.


Design Process: Design Research (R&D and IRD), Strategic Thinking, Project Management, Group Facilitation, Working with Youth, Asking Questions, Critical Re-framing, Systems Thinking, Diagramming and Storytelling. 

Languages: Fluent in English, Arabic, and Armenian. Proficient in Spanish and French.

Hard Skills: Communication and Graphic Design, Videography, Photography, Interviewing, Drawing, sketching.

Computer Skills: Proficient in the use of Adobe Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere, After Effects), AVID, MS office, AutoCAD and SkecthUp.

General Skills: Cooking, Vocal training, jazz singer