I have always been interested in documentary film as a critical tool for initiating and expanding conversations. 

Hudson Yards Subway

- 3:07 min - 

I mostly lean towards observational documentaries, but my interests span a range of styles that are most often dictated by the topic of the film. 

WORK trailer

The intention of "Work" is to use a mundane yet hidden act of labor in order to render the landscapes of construction in New York City. The camera captures the everydayness of the workers from the subway to the construction site and the space in between. The film attempts to offer a new gaze into construction in New York City, one that “we” do not see often.


- 50 seconds - 

Andrew Freedman Home

Behind the scenes of Bronx youth talking about their experiences with incarceration.

I am I and my Circumstances

- 3:07 min -

A typical (and very sarcastic) Sunday BBQ of my family in a small town called Anjar in Lebanon. Growing up under the mediterranean sun, a blend of Armenian Lebanese cooking and a somewhat crazy but very loving family, have created the circumstances which have shaped me into the person that I am now. I very much see this piece as a self-portrait. 

Los Mercados de Quito

- 14:20 minutes - 

Film is able to build on and contribute to existing conversations around politics, personal experiences, and public life in such a way as to connect the personal to larger social issues. Los Mercados de Quito particularly focuses on the re-presentation of salient limit situations identified during the investigations of Quito's public markets: that groups within and between the markets feel that their struggles are too disconnected to form a strong solidarity network. 

The film uses images and footage of the potato, following it from fields into the markets and supermarkets, a visual metaphor that evokes two connections between markets and groups: (1) a mutual embeddedness in the supply and value chains and (2) a mutual antagonism with the spread of supermarkets. Thus, The film in its dialogical form, attempts to be a pedagogical tool in the Freirean sense of being a problem-posing provocation, one that hopefully inspires discussion.


Takuya Kuroda and the NY jazz scene

- 3:03 minutes - 

A PBS style interview with musician Takuya Kuroda. This is a product of Media Design Course at The New School with a group of 15 students. While shooting the interview, I was mostly on camera and lighting. The editing and post production is my work.   

The Moore Street Market

- 7:41 minutes - 

with Tait Mandler. my role: shooting, directing/production and post-production

The intention of this film is to expose the rhythms of The Moore Street market in Brooklyn. Other than exploring the Market with the camera, our purpose was to see how Lefebvre's ideas on urban rhythms and rhythmanalysis might be able to guide our exploration. This lead us to frame our work through questions such as - What rhythms move through the Moore Street Market? Especially those that may not be immediately obvious at first and what relationships exist between food, people and space?